About Me

I’m happy you took the time to stop by and get to know me a little bit better. I’ve always enjoyed writing from a very early age. As I was wrapping up my Associates Degree I took a class called “Social Media for Business.” I enjoyed it very much and it piqued my interest. It forced me to look at social media from a different angle.

Having pursued that interest and working on many projects within the field of social media marketing, I’ve naturally enjoyed blog post writing the most. Because I have somewhat of an obsession with veganism, nutrition, holistic wellness and alternative healing methods, it was only right to focus my blog post writing in a way that will benefit this industry.

My purpose here is to help you push your products and services out for people who need your help right now. After suffering from various ailments that doctors cannot seem to pinpoint, I have turned to natural forms of healing in coping with my conditions. I want everyone else who needs it, to find the help that meets their needs as well, giving them a better quality of life.

I graduated from a Nail Technology program years and years ago. I had the opportunity to study alternative forms of healing such as reflexology, ear candling and massage techniques. I take it upon myself to self-educate in areas that pique my interest. I’ve self-indulged in, and now regularly practice relaxation and mindfulness meditation.

If you feel aligned with my values and how I can benefit your practice, please feel free to reach out and we can get the ball rolling👍

If you’re still here, you get to meet my family! If we pursue a working relationship, you’ll be sharing something precious and important with me. I am a heart-centered freelancer, so it’s only right I do the same💛

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