Stay with me here, you’re on the right track…

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You understand that having a blog is like your own personal real estate on the web. It’s your home. It’s where clients have access to your knowledge base and potential clients have the chance to build trust and connect with your brand🤗

But Consistency is Key

While you started with great intentions, the reality is that running a full-time blog can be time-consuming and take away precious time set aside for clients or your personal life.

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Trying to come up with content, actually sit and write a post, then edit, then add photos, then format, then come back every week to repeat, well…it’s a lot.

But here’s why you should:

There are many benefits a great blog marketing strategy presents for your business, and why it’s worth the investment. It’s an evergreen form of marketing! The gift that keeps giving.

  • Once the post is created and lands on your blog, it’s there forever. Because of your industry, the information will always be accurate, and will always be relevant.
  • That means that it can keep making you money over and over again.
  • It can keep bringing you leads to grow your email list over and over again.
  • Over time, each post will become relevant in internet searches to keep bringing you more traffic, more exposure and can even increase ad revenue (if you’re running ads on your site).
  • You’ll be educating your clients in ongoing care, consider it like a “benefits” FAQ page.
  • You’ll be establishing yourself as an authority in your industry by providing knowledge.
  • You’re building trust with strangers who can legitimately learn something that can help them benefit from your blog posts.

See, I told you you’re on the right track!

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If you’re a health and wellness professional, you’re in the spotlight here. My natural curiosity for holistic, alternative healing practices has lead me to combine my marketing experience to work for you.

If you feel like it’s hard to find a good freelancer to work with who gets your vision, can speak to your audience and deliver on time, this is your date with destiny.

I’ve created Wellness Pro Social to do just that!

Don’t take on this extra burden of trying to figure out “this whole blog thing.” I’ve been blogging and creating blogs for others for about 5 years now and I think I’ve got it down😉

More about me HERE, if you’re curious.

What’s even better is that I can also assist you with a consistent email newsletter strategy and additional virtual assistance!

Here’s how I can help.

One Blog Post


per blog post

One Email Newsletter


per email

Virtual Assistance


per hour

Each blog post includes:
  • Let me know your topic ideas
  • I’ll perform thorough research
  • Original blog post creation
  • Up to 500 words (count not exact, it depends on how many words are needed on the subject matter)
  • Royalty-free photos, up to 3
  • A Word Doc of post, plus all graphics will be emailed to you as attachments upon completion.
Each email newsletter includes:
  • Content created from information provided by you
  • Suggested Formatting
  • Royalty-free photos (as needed)
  • A Word Doc of email content with formatting, plus any graphics will be emailed to you as attachments upon completion.
Virtual Assistance Services:
  • Research
  • Data Entry
  • List Building
  • Invoicing (no payment collection, just invoice creation and distribution)
  • Customer Service Replies via Email or Social Media DM’s
  • Instagram Engagement
  • eBook Lead Magnet Creation, up to 10 pages
  • Email Series Lead Magnet Creation, up to 5 emails
  • Lead Funnel Creation
  • Email Welcome Sequence, up to 5 emails
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If you feel a pull to incorporate or revive blog marketing in your business, now is as great a time as ever to start!

The longer your real estate is on the market, the better potential you have to bring in eyeballs and new clients.

Feel free to set up your FREE consultation call to discuss your business needs. Whether you blog once a month, twice a month or more, I can oblige🙂

I look forward to connecting with you and getting started on your blog, Shante💕