Why do you need to be active on social media?

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Simply put, your customers are on Social Media every day. If they don’t see you on Social Media too then you could easily lose that customer to your competitors.

It’s where clients have access to your knowledge base and potential clients have the chance to build trust and connect with your brand🤗

At 4.76 billion social media users around the world in January 2023, equating to 59.4 percent of the total global population, I’d say that’s a huge reason!

Source: https://datareportal.com/social-media-users

But Consistency is Key

While you started with great intentions, the reality is that marketing your business can be time-consuming and take away precious time set aside for clients or your personal life.

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Trying to come up with content, actually sit and write a post, then edit, then add photos, then format, then come back every day to repeat, well…it’s a lot.

So the formula for success is actually a simple one…

Your customer spends lots of time on Social Media.  You post regularly in the places where they spend their time. He or she regularly sees your posts.

This helps to build trust and rapport with the customer who is then far more likely to spend money with you rather than your competitor.

Most small businesses fail at this though because…

  • They don’t have the time.
  • They don’t post often enough.
  • They don’t post where their customers are.
  • They don’t post the right content.

Here’s what we will do for you and your business…
  • Develop a social media strategy that will get real results for your business.
  • Create unique social media content for you that focuses on getting engagement from your audience and the potential for paying customers to your door.
  • All content and images are professionally designed to achieve the best results.
  • Mix of Static Posts, GIFs and Video for more viewing opportunities!
  • Post the content to your social networks at the perfect times to suit your audience. Your audience will think it’s you at all times.

We’re not interested in just posting for the sake of it – we want to help you see a real return on investment, as well as grow your audience and your business through Social Media.

Our job is to make people fall in love with your brand so that they become life-long customers!

How To get Started

Simply choose your preferred Service Plan and hit the Contact button!

The Unbeatable Offer!

We know that our Social Media service can make a BIG difference to a business but we also realize that you don’t know us and you don’t know what Social Media could do for your business!

So, to let you test our posting service, we’re willing to let you test drive it…

3 Months of Social Media for 50% Off!

That’s right, 3 consecutive months at a 50% Discount from whichever service plan you choose!

Why 3 months? It takes at least 3 months to see if a new strategy is actually working for you. This should be a good time frame to review some metrics and see if we’re a good fit before you fully commit for the long haul.

At the end of the 3rd month, you can choose to stay at the regular price, or just stop using our services altogether. We’re convinced that once you see the results, you’ll want to continue with services long term!

Because of the time it takes to set up each package and because of the outrageously low price, I have to limit this offer to only 3 businesses per month so I may remove this offer at any time.

*All new customers are charged a one-time $50 Registration Fee so first month total for this special offer would be $275 for the BASIC SOCIAL Plan!*


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If you feel a pull to incorporate or revive social media posting in your business, now is as great a time as ever to start!

The longer your real estate is on the market, the better potential you have to bring in views and new clients.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your business needs🙂

We look forward to connecting with you and getting started on your posts!